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Boost Engagement.
Reach New Customers.
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Maximise Online Visibility for Your Wholesale Business


Online Product Sales
Made Simple

Take your wholesale business online and global with a fully customisable wholesale storefront, featuring dynamic pricingand advanced product management.


Boost Engagement with
New & Existing Clients

Nurture customer relationships and extend reach to gain new clients using Indimand’s tailored eCommerce and secure customer portal.


Efficient Order

Customise your storefront and manage your products seamlessly. Use Indimand’s advanced shipping solutions to increase order values and grow your business.

The Complete Wholesale Storefront Solution

Sell in bulk with Indimand’s product and order management solution made for wholesale, import/export and manufacturing businesses.
  • Wholesale Storefront
  • Inventory Management
  • Sales Management
  • Bespoke Pricing
  • Configurable Products
  • Customer Management
  • Payments on Accounts
  • Advanced Shipping

Wholesale Storefront

Indimand’s bespoke wholesale storefront offers your business a modern checkout system with payment options, multichannel support, and unique customer pricing functionality for a personalised experience.

Customer Relationship Management

With Indimand, you can effectively manage your operations, offer personalised experiences, engage a broader customer audience, and significantly enhance your bottom line. Increase average order sizes and optimise your upselling and cross-selling strategies, all while tracking your minimum order quantity (MOQ).
Indimand 6 V2
Indimand 3 V2

Catalogue & Inventory

Explore Indimand’s advanced product management capabilities, including diverse product types and customisable variants. It’s a comprehensive, versatile catalogue tool, adaptable for any product type. Easily tailor prices and offerings for global markets, complete with seamless currency conversion.

Successful Integrations

Indimand’s integration capabilities span both bespoke and industry-leading systems. Contact us to discuss your specific integration needs.
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Transforming The UK’s Leading Wholesalers

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“Their methods and strategies led to increased sales and customer satisfaction.”

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“Anybody looking to improve their online selling capabilities should seek advice from the team at Indimand.”

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“I have to thank Indimand for producing a website, online shop and system that has become the backbone to our company’s growth.”

Order Management
Explore custom email templates, simplified sign-up processes, and a versatile checkout system. Achieve distinct sign-up flows without resorting to external solutions.
Frequently Asked Questions
Indimand’s product platform is specifically designed to help wholesale businesses increase bulk sales. Our advanced eCommerce functionality, including customizable storefronts and tiered pricing options, allows you to showcase your products effectively to potential customers. Additionally, our platform includes features such as secure file and document storage, bespoke pricing options, and seamless integration with leading ERP and CRM systems, which are essential for efficiently managing bulk orders. By leveraging the power of Indimand’s product platform, wholesale businesses can streamline their operations and increase sales, all while ensuring a seamless customer experience.

Absolutely, Indimand’s product platform allows you to have complete control over your inventory and pricing. Our platform provides advanced inventory management tools and pricing options to help you customize your wholesale storefront to your exact specifications. With Indimand’s product platform, you can take advantage of a powerful eCommerce solution that is specifically designed for the wholesale market while maintaining full control over your inventory and pricing.

Yes, Indimand’s product platform offers shipment tracking and multishipping support for orders. We understand that managing order fulfillment and shipping logistics can be a daunting task for wholesale businesses. Therefore, our platform provides advanced tools that help you manage your shipping process efficiently. With Indimand’s platform, you can easily set up multiple shipping options and configure shipping rates based on weight, destination, or other criteria.

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