151 Products


Who are 151 Products?

151 Products Ltd. was founded in 1997 and originated from a family business that has been operating in the heart of Manchester for over 60 years.

Recognising a gap in the market for products that combine high quality with competitive pricing, the company launched a variety of ranges in household, DIY and automotive brands for the general consumer market. This has now grown extensively to cover pet care, first aid, personal care, gardening and more.

151's Digital Journey

After thorough discussions with the team at 151 Products, it was determined that an upgrade to their current website was necessary in order to create a more advanced customer portal. This portal would handle the creation of wholesale accounts and generate leads through the website. 151 Products boasts a diverse range of leading brands, including Elbow Grease, Ovenbrite, Duzzit, Swirl, Petshield, and Car Pride.

The new website needed to effectively showcase these brands and provide buyers with a comprehensive view of all of 151 Products’ product ranges. As a reputable wholesale supplier for over 60 years, 151 Products wanted to maintain a sense of prestige and enhance the buying experience for their valued customers. To achieve this, our designers worked closely with the experienced team at 151 Products and chose Indimand as the perfect partner for this project.

Indimand incorporated API connections with some of the early technologies used by 151 Products and the new site has now been launched. It has received positive feedback from both internal and external users.

151 Products

With lead generation and new business quickly kicking up, 151 clearly needed an online shop to facilitate new orders. The ‘only way’ of rasing orders manually over the phone and email was no longer feasible… a nice problem to have.

With no sustainable platform on the market for wholesale ecommerce, Indimand was born. A solution built from the ground up specifically for wholesale and export.

Project Highlights

  • New Website
  • Full Wholesale Ecommerce
  • Integration With Navision
  • Custom Sales Flow
  • Customer Communications
  • Increased Sales/Order Values

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Our Success
“I would like to express my gratitude to Phil from Indimand for guiding us through the transformation of 151 into a contemporary wholesale business with technology as its backbone. I highly recommend Indimand to anyone looking to enhance their online sales capabilities”

Colin Rich

Head of Sales

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“Their methods and strategies led to increased sales and customer satisfaction.”

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“Anybody looking to improve their online selling capabilities should seek advice from the team at Indimand.”

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“I have to thank Indimand for producing a website, online shop and system that has become the backbone to our company’s growth.”

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