F&J Arpino


Who are F&J Arpino?

F&J Arpino is a family run business and one of the largest wholesale suppliers of toiletries, household goods, over the counter medicines, food, drink, toys and confectionary in the UK. F&J have been trading since 1973 in Tottenham, London and have built up the business with thousands of customers over the decades. With a family sales background of over 45 years, and an aim to stay trie to their core values. F&J take pride in delighting their customers in a local and national level.

F&J's Digital Journey: from Analogue to Digital

The team from Indimand went down to F&J HQ in Tottenham to understand what they needed.

Upon assessment, we identified the potential to enhance their digital footprint and integrate a customer portal capable of addressing their local wholesale distribution goals in the medical sector, as well as expanding their wholesale trade to countries in Africa. F&J are a distributor of top-tier toiletries, household goods, OTC medicines, food, drink, toys, and confectionery in the UK. This required a robust portal to manage the distribution of different brands and products. Indimand was the ideal solution for this challenge.

F&J Arpino Success

In early 2022, the Indimand team began collaborating with our sister company, Hatch Group, to design the new website for F&J. By April, we had successfully integrated all necessary systems to smoothly feed products into the portal, and implemented our efficient lead management system in conjunction with an account creation module, facilitating the onboarding of new customers and streamlining the wholesale purchasing process from F&J’s growing portfolio of buyers.

Project Highlights

  • New Website
  • Full Wholesale Ecommerce
  • Local Wholesale Delivery
  • Implemented Sales Algorithims
  • Digital Marketing Support
  • Lead Management
  • Customer Communications
  • Increased Sales/Order Values
  • Product Integration
  • Product Feeds

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Our Success
“I would like to express my gratitude to Phil from Indimand for guiding us through the transformation of F&J into a contemporary wholesale business with technology as its backbone. I highly recommend Indimand to anyone looking to enhance their online sales capabilities”

Asim Johar

Managing Director

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“Their methods and strategies led to increased sales and customer satisfaction.”

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“Anybody looking to improve their online selling capabilities should seek advice from the team at Indimand.”

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